This Christmas, Saint and RKCR/Y&R warmed up Camden.

We took your warmest and wittiest yuletide tweets and turned them into messages knitted into scarves. We then took these scarves and distributed them to the cold folk round Camden. See the full story in the gallery, video and blog below.

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Twitter Knitter is now closed.
Thanks to everyone who took part.
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CBS Outdoor X Track Projection

Latest from the blog


We dropped in on the queue for Koko and warmed up the revellers.

Camden’s cooking

Twitter Knitter goes down well with one of Camden’s street traders.

Twitter Knitter goes Underground

A big thank you to CBS Outdoor for getting behind Twitter Knitter and giving us free media space on their Cross Track projections.

The scarves hit the high street…

…and the charity shops too!

The Pyramid of Warmth

30 plus scarves rolled and ready to go.

Finishing touches

Lou and Jenny are giving the scarves a final bit of love before packaging up.

We’re now open next tweet.

Due to popular demand, we’re keeping Twitter Knitter going for another week. Tweet now and get knitted.

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our woolly scarves look so delightful”

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Your latest yuletide tweets

    1. Scarf:ace #WarmUpCamden

      @fletchist at

    2. My friend went to Camden and all I got was this scarf #warmupcamden

      @charlielankston at

    3. I put this scarf on in hurry, whenever I see another snow flurry! #WarmUpCamden

      @bather12 at

    4. #WarmUpCamden All we are saying is give fleece a chance

      @filipenad at

    5. #WarmUpCamden by Shaun, to keep me warm/Grommit

      @chrishydro at

    6. Camden FC (Flippin' Cold) #WarmUpCamden

      @bather12 at

    7. Camden United #WarmUpCamden

      @bather12 at

    8. Want to find out if my pants match my scarf? #WarmUpCamden

      @bather12 at

    9. No one knows I'm Banksy! #WarmUpCamden

      @bather12 at

    10. #WarmUpCamden This Christmas I'll be mostly toasty.

      @sambutterfried at

    11. #WarmUpCamden All you knit is love

      @filipenad at

    12. Camden warmed with woollen Twitter messages #warmupcamden #camdengazette @saintlondon

      @charlielankston at

    13. #WarmUpCamden test mest

      @deoksiribo at